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The Chief Operating Office (COO)

The COO of Deutsche Bank works closely with the businesses and partners in infrastructure positions, to align resource allocation, create an integrated infrastructure and incorporate the strategic imperatives of the Bank. COO exercises cross-divisional governance to achieve consistency and transparency, with regard to risks, processes, information and reporting. The division also offers technical, transactional, logistical and regulatory leadership, with a full range of services and products inside the Bank. It operates a structure that maximises business alignment, and defines clear allocation of responsibility between IT and Operations for each business area. With professionals located across more than 70 countries, COO partners with the businesses to create a bank that operates with the right balance of quality, flexibility, control and cost.

COO is organised around the following divisions:

Group Technology & Operations (GTO)

GTO provides the Bank with Technology. It is responsible for the Bank's entire IT and Operations infrastructure, and the implementation, maintenance, protection and development of the infrastructure required to support all of the Bank's businesses. GTO is set up to partner with business, infrastructure and regional partners in order to provide quality IT platforms and market-leading client services and transaction processing. GTO’s teams span the globe and move over EUR 1.6tn across the Bank's platforms, support over 7,300 trading desks, and enable millions of banking transactions, share trades and emails every day.

Corporate Services (CS)

Corporate Services delivers world class real estate and facilities management services, delivering superior commercial value for the Bank. It provides and manages productive workplaces, to enable the Bank's people to perform at their best. CS constantly looks for improvement opportunities, ways to deliver more efficiency and to reduce costs and complexity. CS's work also advances the Bank's corporate sustainability goals with 43 LEED certifications, contributing to its Carbon Neutrality commitments.

Corporate Security & Business Continuity (CSBC)

Corporate Security & Business Continuity (CSBC) protects Deutsche Bank’s people, infrastructure, processes and information. CSBC is committed to ensuring the continuity of critical businesses and functions, and provides rigorous assessment of the global security situation and business-specific risks.

Group Strategy (AFK)

Group Strategy (AfK) supports senior management in formulating, executing and communicating Deutsche Bank's strategy. It supports everyone from the Management Board, the Group Executive Committee (GEC) through to each business division, region and infrastructure area on their definition and implementation of strategy.

Inhouse Consulting

Inhouse Consulting focuses on driving the implementation of Deutsche Bank's strategic initiatives. It supports senior management in both project definition and execution phases, contributing to maintaining Deutsche Bank's competitive edge. Furthermore, Inhouse Consulting supports the Global Head of Strategy in his function as Expense Line Owner (ELO) for Deutsche Bank's Business Consulting spend, thereby ensuring that Deutsche Bank's engagements of business consulting firms fully align and adhere to strategic priorities of the bank, budget targets and internal governance.


The DBAnalytics team develops a suite of cutting-edge financial-mathematical models (DBAnalytics) used for trading and the risk management of cash and derivatives in all asset classes in Corporate Banking & Securities – CB&S. This same suite drives many of the bank's regulatory and portfolio calculations.

The COO of the Chief Operating Office

The office of the Chief Operating Office supports the COO to exercise the cross-divisional governance. The office of the COO also manages the Chief Information Security Office (CISO).

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