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Say goodbye to legacy bank connectivity.
Welcome to real-time treasury.

SAP-Native apps that simply install into your existing ERP system to get you real-time visibility into cash positions, automated instant reconciliation, and more accurate cash flow forecasting.

Finally, a plug and play approach to real-time treasury and bank APIs

Finally, a plug and play approach to real-time treasury and bank APIs

For years, treasurers have envisioned real-time – the ability to instantly access bank data, via bank APIs, within their existing ERP systems. However, building  API integrations takes time. Scarce internal IT resources often delay forward-thinking treasurers.

To remove this barrier, Deutsche Bank has partnered with FinLync, a global fintech company that makes advancing to real-time bank APIs a simple plug and play process. FinLync’s pre-built bank API integrations and SAP-Native apps enable treasury and finance teams to connect to Deutsche Bank’s API offerings rapidly and easily. 

How it works

Bank APIs are key to real-time treasury. However, connecting to just one single bank API can be an arduous task, much less multiple APIs at multiple banks. This is where Deutsche Bank’s partnership with FinLync comes in. It provides easy access to bank APIs and delivers it directly into a corporation’s existing ERP system. Its award-winning plug and play technology removes IT bottlenecks, making real-time treasury a reality – at a fraction of the time and resources required by in-house API integration.

Real-Time Treasury Powered by Deutsche Bank and FinLync

  • Pre-Built API Integration
  • SAP-Native Apps
  • Easy to Install


  • Complete View of all Cash Positions
  • Constantly Updated Available Balances
  • Uninterruptible Transaction Visibility


  • Detailed Tracking to Beneficiary
  • Constantly Updated Transaction Details
  • Detailed Reject Rationale


  • Truly Instant Payments
  • End-to-End Message Encryption
  • Universal Message Formats


  • Central, Secure Approval Inside ERP
  • Multiple Levels and Authorization Limits
  • Visibility Down to Invoice Amounts


  • Instantly Posts to Accounting
  • User-Trained AI Reconciliation
  • Automated Matching and Clearing


  • Interactive Launchpad and Alerts
  • Customizable Dashboard Widgets
  • Real-Time Analytics and Notifications


  • Singular View of all Global Banks
  • Signatory and Mandate Management
  • Account Status, Entitlements, Limits


  • Real-Time Cash Flow
  • Full AP, AR and GL Data
  • Line-Item Drill-Down & Risk Analytics

Benefits of real-time treasury and FinLync’s SAP-Native apps

Satisfy your customers

Instant reconciliation

Manual account reconciliation is slow and error-prone. Embedded directly in your ERP, FinLync reconciles your receivables, payables and general ledger with real-time bank account data.

Grow your business

Precise visibility

Treasury is inhibited by outdated data and file-based processes that provide bank data on a static schedule. FinLync’s lets you refresh account balances directly in your ERP, across banks and on-demand.   

Push your brand

Accurate cash forecasting

Cash forecasting is only as accurate as the data it is based on. FinLync improves the timeliness, consistency and completeness of cash-flow forecasting information by leveraging real-time bank data, via bank APIs.

Understand your customers

Treasury transformation

Instead of being stuck with repetitive tasks for hours every day, FinLync enables automated workflows that free up time for treasury and finance teams to provide strategic advice and transform into a business partner.

Unlock new revenue

Efficient onboarding

FinLync’s SAP-Native apps can be installed directly into your existing ERP system – eliminating complex implementation projects and expensive setup fees. Get up and running in weeks instead of months! 

Start your real-time treasury journey today – Our experts will guide you every step of the way

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Use Cases

Multi-bank API connectivity

Multi-bank API connectivity

Each bank has its own API design; connecting to multiple banks – with different formats, protocols and languages – has historically been a time-consuming process that requires expensive IT resources. FinLync’s pre-built API integrations eliminate complex implementation projects, expensive setup fees and time-consuming onboarding. Its technology harmonizes data across bank APIs, making multi-bank connectivity a simple plug-and-play process. 

Real-time treasury

Real-time treasury

It’s about time for real-time treasury. Consumers do not accept delays, so why should corporate treasuries? With bank APIs, there are no reasonable excuses to accept anything less than real-time data for cash management, payments, reconciliation, forecasting and other daily functions. Real-time is the key to automate labor-intensive workflows, get rid of repetitive tasks and transform treasury into a strategic business partner.

What is your use case?

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Future-proof, reliable and secure: API technology by Deutsche Bank  

For more than 150 years, Deutsche Bank has been providing the world’s most renowned enterprises with leading corporate banking solutions. Our API technology is no exception from the rule: independent research firm Innopay has named Deutsche Bank API Program a “leader in open banking”.

Getting started: Get your guide to real-time treasury

We help you build your own real-time treasury workplan. From setting goals, making decisions and communicating with internal stakeholders, our experts will support you every step of the way.

Kerstin Montiegel I Head of Client Connectivity

„Our integration with FinLync makes it significantly easier for corporates to adopt our banking APIs and shortcut the road to automated, real-time treasury. FinLync’s pre-built API integrations and SAP-Native applications signifcantly reduce the complexity of building and maintaining individual API integrations with SAP and other ERPs for our clients.“

Kerstin Montiegel, Head of Client Connectivity,
Digital Client Access Channels Deutsche Bank

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