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    We’re here for you – at all of the development stages of your start-up and in all of your markets.

Expertise for every development stage of your start-up

Start-ups have a life cycle. We break this down into three key stages: Seed, Grow und Expand.

In addition to our banking services for these three stages, we offer numerous beyond-banking services:

  • Assistance locally and within a regional start-up network
  • Operational expertise regarding research and global markets
  • Strategic start-up dialogue on all issues of financing
  • Technology and sector expertise
  • DB Labs in Berlin, London and Silicon Valley


The seeding stage is the first stage in a start-up’s life cycle and is characterised first and foremost by the entrepreneur’s motivation and drive.

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The growth stage is the stage most critical to successful business development. We offer start-ups the perfect parameters for growth at this stage.

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The expansion stage is all about gaining access to global markets. As an international universal bank, Deutsche Bank offers the perfect parameters for your start-up to enter new markets.

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Here for you in your vicinity

Milos Spiridonovic Milos Spiridonovic

Head of Startups@Berlin

Unter den Linden 13 –15 10117 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 3407-2147


20. June


22. – 23. June

Noah Conference


Berlin is the start-up capital of Germany and is considered to be a Mecca for entrepreneurs thanks to its dynamic start-up and creative scene. Talented innovators from all over the world are drawn to Berlin by its vibrant culture and an excellent investor network. It therefore comes as no surprise that the majority of Germany’s multinational start-up teams can be found in Berlin. Berlin also stands out thanks to an array of top-calibre start-up and tech events.

Sören Gahn Sören Gahn

Head of Startups@Frankfurt

Roßmarkt 18 60311 Frankfurt
+49 (0) 69 910-24188



Frankfurt deserves more attention as a city for young entrepreneurs. There were approximately 3.5 start-ups for every 10,000 gainfully employed persons in the city in the past few years. Frankfurt therefore only falls slightly short of the just over four start-ups per 10,000 employees in Berlin. In addition, with its diverse financing opportunities and attractive funding programmes, Frankfurt is especially appealing to fintech start-ups.

Shelly Louise Burke

Shelley Louise Burke

Head of Startups@Hamburg

Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5, 22765 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 3701-2012


25. June

TEDx Hamburg

29. June

Play Summit

07. September

Spätschicht Hamburg

20. – 23. September

Reeperbahnfestival 2017

28. – 29. September

code.talks 2017


People from northern Germany are considered to be somewhat standoffish – but once the ice has been broken, the Hamburgers are all heart. Hamburg’s start-up scene is not dissimilar and is seen as being matter-of-fact and highly professional. And this reaps rewards. It’s not without reason that highly successful platforms such as Xing and ElitePartner were founded here, as were B2B start-ups such as Facelift and metrigo.

Michael Voigt

Michael Voigt

Head of Startups@Köln

An den Dominikanern 11-27, 50668 Köln
+49 (0) 221 142-2356


06. – 07. September

Pirate Summit

13. – 14. September


26. October


Dieter Hierner

Dieter Hierner

Head of Startups@Bayern

Promenadenplatz 15 80333 München
+49 (0) 89 2390-1409


28. June



As a start-up city, Munich is an especially innovative IT and high-tech location. The city continues to increase its focus on these areas, not least because of the proximity of outstanding universities and the close ties between engineers and computer scientists. Additionally, the city offers attractive funding programmes for committed entrepreneurs – in particular in the early start-up stages.

Nicolas Brenk

Nicolas Brenk

Head of Startups@Düsseldorf

Königsallee 45–47 40212 Düsseldorf
+49 (0) 211 883-2152



Of all entrepreneurs throughout Germany, those in the Rhine-Ruhr region demonstrate the highest levels of satisfaction with their location and quality of life. This says a lot about the region’s start-up ecosystem: networking and talent recruiting are promoted in particular by the region’s good start-up infrastructure and its unusually high concentration of universities. The media cities Cologne and Düsseldorf are especially attractive for start-ups.

Dr. Christian Stotz Dr. Christian Stotz

Leitung Startups@Stuttgart

Theodor-Heuss-Str. 3 70174 Stuttgart
+49 (0) 711 125-2383


The Stuttgart region boasts a comparatively small but nonetheless impressive start-up scene. As there is still relatively little competition here, it is not difficult for start-ups to recruit talented and highly motivated employees. In particular thanks to its links to the old economy, the start-up region of Baden-Württemberg leads the way in the area of high tech, as impressively demonstrated by, for example, the MedTech Startup School in Tübingen.

We support your Economy Stories

Julia Bösch talks about her roller coast ride when starting Outfittery: starting with the idea and the investors to outfitting first customers.
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Our success stories

Start-ups that we helped to make a success

Concentrated start-up expertise

Our start-up guides provide entrepreneurs, people with ideas and those interested in start-ups with all the key information, from the seeding to the global expansion stage.

Video guides

Working in conjunction with the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), Deutsche Bank’s start-up teams share their expertise relating to various financial issues with start-ups.

How can banks help finance my venture?

How to open a business account

What should I know about asset management?

How can my bank support me in receiving public fundings?

What do I need to know about IPO?

How do I manage money in other currencies?

How do I deal with payments abroad?

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DB UnternehmerPortal website for entrepreneurs

Business finance, competitor comparisons, credit quality assessments, international markets and a whole lot more: draw on sound information to make better decisions. Deutsche Bank’s UnternehmerPortal website provides professional analysis tools that can assist you as an entrepreneur or CFO with market-specific questions in particular, can back up your expansion decisions and can minimise your internationalisation risks. The UnternehmerPortal website and its wide array of basic functions are available free of charge to holders of a Deutsche Bank business or company account.

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Digitisation is the driving force behind progress – and not just in banking. We outline the key trends of this day and age in our digitisation section. We provide a large number of informative studies and videos on topics such as digitisation, open data, cloud computing, Industry 4.0 and big data.

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Made for Good

As a responsible corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank works towards strengthening communities and economies all over the world. With its Made for Good programme, Deutsche Bank supports start-ups, innovative companies and social entrepreneurs that are helping to change society. Be it a non-profit organisation, a microbusiness or a start-up, Made for Good affords them access to the resources they need in order to make their business models economically sound or to expand them.

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Startup Guide Berlin

A new start is a challenge for most of us – especially when you’re on your own in a new city in a foreign country. The entrepreneur Sissel Hansen experienced precisely this situation in Berlin, so she came up with the idea of the Startup Guide. Together with a team, she turned her idea into a book containing carefully chosen recommendations relating to start-up cities and an overview of important start-ups, company founders and developers. More than 3,000 copies of the Startup Guide Berlin, which retails at a price of 18 euros, have been sold in 30 countries since it was first published.

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